Whether it’s Madras Shirts or Bermuda shorts, patch madras plays a central role in the American aesthetic we know as “prep”. The fabric’s roots in this country are found in the preparatory school and ivy league wardrobes, but, as most things that are considered examples of American culture, it’s adopted from a different part of the world. Colonial Britain was the first to wear madras, naming it after the Indian city it is manufactured in (Now known as Chennai). Madras fabric eventually came to the United States via the prep authority of the world, Brooks Brothers, and has been a been essential to the modern prepster’s repertoire ever since.

Clothes are culture. The way the world dresses tells us as much about the people of this planet as any science or statistic. People like to wear what makes them feel good. Whether it’s for comfort, style, or statement, our clothing is important to us and we want to feel good about how we dress. Cape Madras makes clothes that fit you and the life you live. With a retro style and vintage appeal, you can’t go wrong with a piece of our traditional patch madras in your closet. It’s too classic to go out of style and a unique slice of Americana. Why not dress like you’re on vacation?

Our idea has always been to provide our customers with clothes that look good and make them feel good. Our garments are woven and sewn in India, and don’t spare comfort for quality or style. We strive to provide a beautiful and functional product. The kind of clothing that you find yourself coming back to as something you feel and look your best in.

Peace, Love, and Pastels,

Cape Madras